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Working with the Aoraki Foundation

During the succession planning process people are increasingly thinking about giving something back to their community. They need their professional advisor to guide them through the process of transferring assets to the next generation.  

Establishing or contributing to an endowment fund with Aoraki Foundation is an effective and easy way for your clients to leave a lasting legacy that will benefit their community forever. Your clients may choose to donate through their will and by a distribution from their family trust. Gift by will and from a trust may create or add to existing endowments. Your clients may also choose to donate during their lifetime so that they can enjoy seeing the results of their generosity, as well as receiving the benefit of tax credits.

For clients giving $50,000 or more we can establish a named endowment fund.  They will receive a Deed of Gift accompanied by a Memorandum of Wishes to the Trustees of Aoraki Foundation that includes which charities or causes have been selected to receive distributions from their named fund.  It is helpful if we receive a copy of your client’s Memorandum of Wishes.



Download the Memorandum of Wishes
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Download Will Clauses
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Download Family Trust Clauses
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