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We believe your family would quite easily accept a small portion going to their community especially if they themselves have benefited from a good South Canterbury start and knowing that the community will be a better place as a result of their parent’s generosity. This is something they will be reminded of every year with the Aoraki Foundation keeping in contact to show the difference it’s made.

Why would I not leave all my wealth to my children?

Your lawyer can help you and we recommend that you seek professional advice. A simple document can be downloaded from our website giving you guidelines on how to create a bequest in your will.

How can I leave a gift in my will?

There is no set up fee for an endowment fund with the Aoraki Foundation. Aoraki Foundation receives up to 1.5% of the value of the fund annually for its operating costs.

How much does it cost to set up an endowment fund?

Giving is all about your personal situation. You can choose to:

I do not have cash to donate now, so what are my options?

The trustees aim to at least maintain the real value of the fund over time.

Will my endowment fund be inflation proofed?

Direct donations are often spent immediately, so are then gone and possibly forgotten. A donation via the Aoraki Foundation goes on giving forever, rather than just being a one off. Donations stay in South Canterbury.

Why would I give via the Aoraki Foundation instead of giving directly to a charity?

You may choose to give just a little every year, working towards a “named fund” either during your lifetime or beyond. In the meantime, what you have donated will earn interest and make a difference through general distributions.

Can I contribute in a limited way during my lifetime?

The Trust Deed stipulates that the on-going governance of the Aoraki Foundation is subject to strict criteria. Three of the nine trustees are appointed by the region’s Mayors. Two must have legal and/or accountancy expertise and two must be appointed by the South Canterbury District Health Board.

All funds are invested by the Canterbury branch of a reputable national investment company, which must adhere to a Responsible Investment Framework and policy.

How can I be assured that my donation will be taken care of beyond the current elected Board?

Establishing a fund with the Aoraki Foundation avoids many of the set up fees and ongoing costs of privately managed funds.

With the AF there will be guaranteed perpetual trusteeships to manage the fund after the donor and the donor’s advisers have passed on.

There are the obvious economies of scale (as all the Foundation’s funds are invested together), which lead to savings in administration and fees, meaning more money for your intended recipients.

Why would I not set up my own charitable trust instead of a fund with the Aoraki Foundation?

Aoraki Foundation aims to distribute between 3.5% and 5 % of the value of the fund each year depending on the investment return.

How much will the annual distributions be from my fund?

A Bequest is a gift made through a will.

An endowment is a sum (usually in the form of a bequest) that is invested so that the capital is not spent , but it generates an annual income stream.

What are bequests and endowments?