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For many years individuals and families have chosen to donate to the Timaru Hospital, showing their appreciation of the services and care they received.

The South Canterbury District Health Board (SCDHB) decided to use these funds to create a wonderful and significant sized endowment fund that would benefit as many people as possible. The goal of the fund is to improve the health – physical, mental and social – of the communities of Aoraki/South Canterbury. Governed by a sub-committee of the Aoraki Foundation, the Health Endowment Fund distributes grants to charitable, worthy causes twice a year. The Health Endowment Committee includes trustees from the Aoraki Foundation, the SCDHB, and members of the community with experience in the health industry.

The money from South Canterbury Health Endowment Fund is distributed twice yearly.


How do I help grow this fund?

The people of South Canterbury now have, in the Health Endowment, a fund to which they can donate and/or leave bequests in their will which will continue to grow and support charitable health purposes here in South Canterbury for years to come.


How do I apply for funding?

The initial investment capital of the Health Endowment Fund will be grown though new bequests and endowments, and the income from the funds invested will be distributed to worthy health-related charitable purposes twice-yearly by the Aoraki Foundation.