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Our primary goal is to provide a simple, effective and long-lasting way for individuals and families to leave legacies to local causes, and to ensure these gifts will achieve maximum benefit well into the future.

We have has been involved in supporting a number of projects:

The MRI scanner; The Caroline Bay Aquatic Centre; The Hockey Turf Development; Levels Raceway Resealing Programme; Te Ana (Maori Rock Art Centre); Waimate Skate Park; Fairlie Community Trust Vehicle; Tekapo Footbridge Society; and The High Country Medical Trust building in Twizel.

Key achievements have included:

MRI Scanner

With an initial goal of $2.70m, the response from the Aoraki community was quite simply amazing with this target reached within 9 months. The final figure raised by the South Canterbury community was $3.1m and remaining funds are now held in the Aoraki MRI Trust.   

Caroline Bay Aquatic Centre (Cbay)

The Aoraki Foundation facilitated the raising of $5.20 million of private funds from grants and local businesses for the Caroline Bay Aquatic Centre. 

South Canterbury Health Endowment Fund

An exciting new endowment fund was created in 2014.

This fund was gifted by the SC DHB to the Aoraki Foundation. Being made up of the many generous donations to the SC Hospital over many years by individuals and organisations in our South Canterbury community, this fund will exist in perpetuity to support health-related causes now and forever.

Each year we aim to contribute to a wide range of causes across our region:


Projects supported and/or involved in throughout the course of the 2012/13 year were:
South Canterbury Car Club, Strathconan Pool - Fairlie, Fairlie Vehicle Trust, Waimate Museum, Waimate Skate Park, Providing advice and guidance to the Tekapo FootBridge Committee.


A significant contribution this year was made to the High Country Medical Centre in Twizel. Also continuing support was given to the South Canterbury Car Club.


This year the South Canterbury Hockey Club was able to complete its new hockey Turf at Aorangi Park thanks to a generous donation from the Aoraki Foundation and support from Fulton Hogan who donated funds to the foundation to support the hockey turf development.