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Together we can create something special in our local community.


Ours is a welcoming and diverse community, one which has greatly benefited from the philanthropic endeavours and dreams of past generations. 

The Aoraki Foundation exists to assist you in making your own dreams for a stronger South Canterbury community a reality. As a charitable community foundation, we are a trustworthy vehicle for you to contribute to the local causes that really matter to you. Our role is to make it as easy as possible for you to give back to your community.

The convenience of working with us is that you have control of your gifting from beginning to end without any of the administrative stress. We offer a range of solutions designed to fulfill your charitable goals and provide you with maximum tax benefits. Plus, the community that you love benefits directly from your generosity – for now and forever.


$5.2 million donated for the development of CBay.

$3.1 million donated to go towards the hospital's new
MRI scanner.

$2 million donated in
general endowments.

The generosity of donors has resulted in a $10 million benefit to the South Canterbury region.

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Make a gift to your local community that makes a real impact now, and forever.

Choosing to give through the Aoraki Foundation is an easy, effective and safe way to invest in your community. Plus you have the choice to direct your gift to the causes that matter most to you.


Become part of an organisation that strengthens your community.

Friends of the Foundation has been established to assist with the day-to-day operational costs of the Aoraki Foundation. Without the generosity of the Friends of the Foundation, we simply couldn’t exist.

What is a Community Foundation?

Community Foundations are independent, not-for-profit organisations located in most regions across Aotearoa New Zealand. They focus on a place and its people, running a lean model and governed entirely by super passionate and skilled local volunteer Boards.

Community Foundations build long-term, reliable funding streams for their local communities by investing and growing the donations they receive. So, you’re not really giving to a Community Foundation, but through it. And it means your generosity will have benefits forever.

Plus, Community Foundations are not about one single cause, they're about the place and the causes, projects or initiatives you choose to support. Find out more here.


How to apply for a grant

If you are a local not-for-profit, community group or charitable organisation,
and you require funding, we may be able to help. 


Get in touch and submit an application. As part of the process, you will be asked to provide evidence of the positive effect your organisation has on the community.


Our Trustees will consider your application based on a range of pre-determined criteria, including availability of funds allocated to your particular cause.


If your application meets all of the criteria, it may be approved. Funds will be released as soon as possible, but no longer than three months from the date of approval.