The South Canterbury Health Endowment Fund is now open for applications for the 2017 round of distributions.

The Aoraki Foundation wishes to notify all eligible groups and organisations that the first round of distributions for 2017 from the South Canterbury Health Endowment Fund are to be made.

The opening date for applications will be 1 March 2017. The closing date for applications is 5 April 2017. Groups looking for funding that supports the health and well-being of South Canterbury communities are encouraged to apply. Criteria can be found by downloading the application form here.

Previous rounds of distributions

The inaugural round of grants was made in May 2016, covering a wide range of projects involving health, welfare and social projects.

The completed round of distributions in November 2016 saw funds granted to a number of very worthy health-related courses in the South Canterbury region. Click here to find out more about those successful applicants.

About the South Canterbury Health Endowment Fund

The South Canterbury Health Endowment Fund was established with the Aoraki Foundation following a generous donation by the South Canterbury District Health Board (SCDHB), with a view to supporting community health initiatives in the Aoraki region.

Having established a fantastic working relationship with the SCDHB during the very successful MRI campaign, Aoraki Foundation began discussions around establishing a Health Endowment Fund focused on the health and well-being of South Cantabrians.

The SCDHB Board quickly realised that they were in an ideal position to make a real difference by using funds from donations and bequests they had received over many years, to help establish the Health Endowment Fund.

Grants are made twice annually using the income earned on the capital of the fund, and it is the intention of the Health Endowment Fund committee to continue to build on the capital through bequests and endowments from people of South Canterbury that wish to improve the health and well-being of our community.

Application forms and guidelines can be found here.