Health Endowment Fund Established

South Canterbury District Health Board agrees to open a new health endowment fund through Aoraki Foundation. From left, former Aoraki Foundation chairman, and trustee Nigel Davenport, Aoraki Foundation newly appointed chairwoman Lesley Roy, South Canterbury District Health Board chairman Murray Cleverley and MRI Trust chairman and Aoraki Foundation trustee Ron Luxton.

The first round of applications for a new Health Endowment Fund established for the people of South Canterbury will open in February.

South Canterbury District Health Board is the lead donor and transferred its existing trust fund of more than $550,000 to the fund, which will be managed by the Aoraki Foundation.
Aoraki Foundation trustee and SCDHB deputy chairman Ron Luxton saw it as a great opportunity for South Canterbury to plan for the future and offer health care over and above what was already provided.

"The Health Endowment Funds are not to fund anything already funded by government."
A set criteria for applicants would ensure only health-related charitable purposes would be successful, Luxton said.

Aoraki Foundation chairwoman Lesley Roy said the foundation had established a "fantastic" working relationship with the SCDHB during the successful MRI scanner campaign in 2012. The initial investment capital would be grown, with new bequests, endowments and income from the funds invested being distributed.

"The DHB (members) realised they were in an ideal position to make a real difference by using funds from donations and bequests, they had received over many years, to help establish the Health Endowment Fund.

SCDHB chairman Murray Cleverley was excited about the worthwhile projects the fund would contribute to.

"This initiative supports the typical way South Cantabrians want to invest in our community and look after our people, this sort of support has already been clearly illustrated through the fantastic support the MRI project gained. This fund gives people the option to put money back into our local health system that has helped care for them, their families and will continue to do so for their next generations." 
The Health Endowment Fund would be administered by a new Health Endowment Committee and overseen by the Aoraki Foundation. Initial committee members Ron Luxton and Ian O'Loughlin, both currently SCDHB board members and Aoraki Foundation trustees, will be joined by Jane Brosnahan, employee of SCDHB as well as two community representatives who will be selected following advertising of the positions.