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We don’t live forever...but we can leave something that will.

SC Health Endowment Fund

For many years individuals and families have chosen to donate to the Timaru Hospital showing their appreciation of the services they received. Find out more.

The SC DHB has decided to create a wonderful and significant sized endowment fund from this giving. Find out more

Alpine Energy

Alpine Energy has promised $1 million over 10 years to support a variety of projects, large and small, throughout our region. Find out more.

75% of these funds have been tagged for the Caroline Bay Aquatic Centre.

The remainder has been distributed to many community projects in the region, with a regional distribution of Waimate, Timaru and Mackenzie.

Miller Estate

The love of their community inspired the late Eric and Queenie Miller to leave their estate to charity to ensure it continued giving back to South Canterbury forever. Find out more.

They owned Millers Transport which dealt in rural transport and delivery of goods throughout the district. They lived a very modest life and had no children.

Eric was left a paraplegic after an accident loading a truck, and Queenie cared for Eric until her death in 1977. After Queenie passed away, a number of people looked after Eric until his death in 1992 aged 85.

Alan Hubbard was a close friend of the Millers and assisted them with the decision to leave their estate to charity. His aim was to capitalise the income from the estate and bring it up to the 1 million mark.

With the creation of the Aoraki Foundation in 2009, RSM Law and Edward Sullivan (Executor of the estate) decided to create the Miller Endowment Fund so that their desire to give back to their community could be carried out now and forever.

Income from this fund is distributed to the South Canterbury Health Endowment Fund with the remainder divided between Timaru, Waimate and Mackenzie.

Anonymous Donors

It is important to many donors that they remain anonymous. We wish to acknowledge the profound difference these donors have made. Find out more.

The Aoraki Foundation, on behalf of the people of South Canterbury, appreciate the generosity of these donors who have chosen to give to our local community with the aim of maintaining or improving their chosen causes for future generations.

Make a donation

Just like our other generous donors, you too can make a real difference for the future of South Canterbury. For now. Forever. Find out more.

Choosing to give through the Aoraki Foundation is an easy, effective and safe way to invest in your community. Plus you have the choice to direct your gift to the causes that matter most to you.

Click here to find the ways in which you can give, or feel free to get in touch to discuss your options.